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Anvil Assist:
A Higher Standard
of Connected Care

24/7 Medical and Security Assistance
Ensure you can operate wherever business takes you, safe in the knowledge that your people have access to the best possible care, with our connected approach to providing assistance.

Immediate Response Without Question

Our Anvil Assist service provides multilingual 24/7 medical and security assistance in any difficult situation, wherever it may be around the world. Get an immediate response for your employees, no matter the issue.

Our one-call comprehensive traveller assistance service is designed to embrace any event that could impact the health, safety or wellbeing of a corporate traveller or expatriate. Our clients and their employees can be assured that with over 30 years’ experience in providing medical and security support; we have encountered virtually every assistance scenario imaginable.

Whether serious or minor, each case is managed expertly and with total care. And we work in alignment with your own incident response policies and plans to ensure the service fully supports your agreed processes.


Higher Standard of Expertise

Exceptional care is about individuals not case numbers. That’s why Anvil operates the only fully clinician-delivered medical assistance service, underpinned by a fully independent network of clinical facilities. This means that your people will always speak directly to a trained medical professional when they need to, in their chosen language, and have access to the highest quality care wherever they are in the world.


Our emergency response centre is staffed round-the-clock by a multilingual team of highly qualified and experienced first responders and clinical professionals, overseen by our esteemed Chief Medical Officer. They directly manage all medical cases – from pre-deployment screening and clearance to travel, initial diagnosis and local treatment to repatriation and post-travel care.


We only hire Band 7 NHS equivalent medical professionals or higher (i.e. senior sister grade/ward manager),  against an industry standard of Band 5. This means our clinicians have greater experience in their specialist area and in medical leadership, to the level at which they are able to teach others.

Our in-house medical team is supported by a bench of more than 400 medical specialists and other senior healthcare specialists (pharmacists, paramedics, psychologists), who are readily available to consult on and oversee complex cases.

The exceptional expertise available means considered, quality medical care to treat presenting symptoms and anticipate issues that may develop later, which could jeopardise the recovery of your people and the resilience of your business.


All clinicians and first responders are trained by psychologists to communicate with empathy, giving confidence and reassurance to vulnerable travellers at every stage of their treatment.

In addition, Anvil is the only medical assistance provider to offer post-care. We make sure travellers who have experienced medical issues abroad or been caught up in a major incident are mentally and physically well, and able to successfully complete their treatment and return to work.


24/7 Worldwide Support

Reinforcing the centralized operations team is a carefully vetted global network of 1,000’s of approved suppliers, including healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics and doctors), air ambulances, international funeral directors, lawyers and cost containment companies.

These providers deliver acute local knowledge and immediate support on-the-ground when needed. Suppliers are routinely audited to ensure patient safety, quality of healthcare and exemplary service.


Our independent global network means we can always provide access to the language skills, specialist facilities and clinical professionals your people need, regardless of location.

Anvil’s impartial network also allows us to offer the best care at the best price. We operate free of conflict, contrary to owned network providers, who are motivated to use their own facilities, even when better equipped or more conveniently located are readily available. This can lead to higher costs of medical care for you and less individualised care for your people.


Connected Care with One Call

We’ve taken 30 years to cultivate and maintain this professional network so your employees – or those responsible for their care – can make just one phone call and:

  • Arrange appointments with doctors, clinics, hospitals and ambulance providers.
  • Provide medication replacements or prescription transfers.
  • Refer employees for medical and dental aid or psychological support.
  • Obtain public health advice including advice during outbreaks of infectious diseases.
  • Get assistance for travellers who feel at risk or are stranded, or have been victims of crime, detained or arrested.
  • Get immediate response in incidents such as public disturbances, terrorist acts, natural disasters, or the outbreak of conflict.

Major Incident Response

When the situation turns critical, our emergency responders will facilitate evacuations or repatriations utilising medically equipped ground and air transportation, and the services of close protection officers and other local resources where appropriate.

We have a wealth of experience in successfully and rapidly extracting travellers and expatriates from scenes of natural disaster, outbreak of war or other life threatening situations. In the event of a major incident, our specially assembled Incident Response Team will remain in constant contact with our clients’ stakeholders to ensure they are kept fully informed of the developing situation and actions taken.


Connected Care for Business Resilience

Connected care means a faster, joined-up response to get people well and keep business running.

The most resilient decisions are never made in silo. Major incidents almost always demand a coordinated medical, security and travel response. Anvil is the only company to offer medical assistance as part of an in-house end-to-end risk management solution. We centrally manage all risks from one location – tracking the situation live, locating your people, organising medical treatment and getting them to safety. This means a faster, joined-up response that returns your people to health, and restores business as usual as soon as possible.


When incidents occur, Anvil has it all covered. We provide a seamless response to every incident, supported by first responders and medics in our global risk management hub, assistance teams on-the-ground and Riskmatics®, our worldwide risk monitoring and traveller tracking technology. We coordinate the connected response and inform you once the situation is under control, saving time and worry.

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24/7 Medical and Security Assistance


Your work has resulted in us being able to reach out with cost-effective and accurate communications to both travellers and office personnel at impacted locations. Together we are communicating more effectively and routinely to keep them all apprised of upcoming protest schedules, allowing the best opportunity to mitigate the business impacts.

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