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Security Audits and Site Penetration Testing

Meticulous analysis of strengths and weaknesses to ensure your premises and people are properly protected

Awareness at every level

How certain are you that you have the proper incident and crisis management policies and plans – even evacuation programmes and procedures – in place at all your locations? What about threats posed by unauthorised building access, or by the physical proximity to your vulnerable neighbours, critical national infrastructure, transport and other relevant activities?

We give you confidence in your security


Uncover vulnerabilities

Anvil can uncover existing and potential vulnerabilities in your buildings, site, staff, transportation and IT systems – including covert penetration testing by our operatives, who are experienced in military and government assessments and carry out their assignments without visibility or disruption.

Then we make realistic, best-practice recommendations based on your specific situation so you mitigate any threats we’ve identified and documented.


360° operational analysis

Our Security Audits and Penetration Tests can also cover:

  • Sites and property
  • Personnel and assets
  • Incident and crisis management policies, plans and procedures
  • Probable Maximum Loss (PML) and Maximum Possible Loss (MPL)
  • Fraud prevention and internal investigations
  • Security team structure, resourcing, positioning, roles and responsibilities
  • Malicious and non-malicious threats
  • Analysis of the business and public profile of your company


Business Resilience Services Brochure

Protect what matters most.


Anvil has provided us with overseas security support, risk analysis reports and we also use their various travel security programs. The standard of service received is always of a high standard, actioned quickly and thoroughly conducted. We have confidence that they will be able to supply us with either resources or information no matter the situation or location.

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