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Traveller Tracking

In an international business, business travel safety is not just an obligation – it’s a priority

Equip your team to act

With Anvil’s traveller tracking, everyone responsible for corporate travel safety – senior management, security, travel or HR teams – has the tools they need to intuitively identify and swiftly act on major incidents that pose a hazard to safe travel.

Riskmatics® gives you real-time visibility:


Monitor and alert

Our Riskmatics® platform is the foundation for Anvil’s approach to ensuring travel safety. It automatically and seamlessly enables you to monitor the location of your employees, and identify them individually in relation to global events. Then it sends alerts to the appropriate personnel when threats and risks have the potential to impact traveller safety.


Award-winning tracking technology

Automated functions include:

  • Instantly identify travellers in incident proximity, or those en route or due to travel there
  • Send emergency messages directly from the system, by SMS or email, to individuals or groups, keeping situational awareness high
  • Notify recipients of travel policy, security briefings or other client-specified alerts by email
  • Track key individuals, such as board executives or other VIPs, or number of employees authorised to travel together on any specific flight, train or vessel
  • Monitor pre-, active and post-trip travel patterns
  • Search on multiple parameters including date range, name, flight number, city, hotel name, and more
  • Detailed logs of events and communications that can be interrogated and used to demonstrate fulfilment of duty of care
  • Archive all data within the system for an agreed period



Travel Risk Management

Learn more about Riskmatics® and the travel risk management modules that meet your tracking and alerting requirements. And focus on delivering the response needed to protect what matters most.


The Anvil solution is an integral part of our operations across our EMEA region. This technology has provided us with an up-to-date, timely and credible technology solution for our travellers and assets. Additionally, the customer service has been exceptional. Anvil is always responsive and keen to support.

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